Monday, 10 October 2011

Year 3 Projects, hmmm.... What to pick first?

So the 3rd year officially starts and we have two projects to complete for Christmas. I really enjoy doing environment art so I've decided to start on the NYC style rooftop first. Then do the vehicle project after. I feel the environment will be harder and require a small amount of time more to complete. This way if I run into any problems and run over the half way point I can hopefully catch up.

So my initial thought of what to style my rooftop on got me thinking of something traditional. Know I know water towers and Square ventilation is a bit cliché, but it is a NYC rooftop after all. I just need to think of a point of interest with these elements surrounding it to sell the fact that the location of the rooftop is in New York.

I'm also thinking about time of day and weather. Im gunna have it set at night time with the moon casting a very cool light over the scene. Ill then contrast his with warm light comming up from the city below and from windows on the buildings.I think it important to realise this at an early stage as this will convey the the mood and style of the project. I'm also toying with the ide aof having it rain for added atmosphere. This will depent on time constraints one i've planed out the project and see if i have time to implement it in time. I want the player to feel fully emersed in the environment. This got me thinkling about surrounding buildings. I want some really tall buildings surrounding the player to drive home the fact that the player is on a rooftop deep within New Yotk City.

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