Monday, 24 October 2011


Started off making my modular pieces today. I chose a picture I took in Leicester as my base for my texture.

I'm going to use elements from the building to as well as some other pictures I took. So far I made a couple of windows. I also set up a mask and added a slight reflection. Made it dark as my scene is set at night.

I started of with the texture for these. Corrected all the perspective and many other tweaks. I have left space to add all my other modular pieces to the same texture to optimise my texture usage. This was then added to a plane in Max. I cut out the windows and added cuts and extrusions to finish the model. This also speeds up UV mapping as I only have to remap the faces I created when making the extrusions. I then made a separate UV channel for lighmass in UDK. This is important as it allows UDK to calculate correct shadows on all the objects when the lighting is built. The UV's for this cannot be flipped or overlapping.

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