Friday, 21 October 2011

Vertex Painting

I put the finishing touches to my floor texture today by creating my vertex shader. I followed a tutorial from As you can see from the screenshot its a very complicated material but i mnaged to get it all working in the end. I mistakenly plugged a bunch of nodes into the emmisive slot instead of the specular slot. This made everyhting go white and not work properly. Took me a few hours to realise my mistake but all is good now.

This material allows me to paint in puddles onto areas of my ground texture. The planes for the floor have to have to a a grid pattern of verts added to them as these are required for the painting to work. The more you have the more control over the details you have. It also has vertex offsetting. This means that the mesh will bend when you paint with the assigned colour set to it. So when I paint with this colour and the colour I set for the puddles at the same time, the ground goes down were the puddles are painted in.

The material has a height map added that makes the water build up around the slabs as if some of them are uneven. I will eventually create a cubemap of my level to add reflections to my windows. This material will also use the cubemap to add reflection in the water. The shot bellow shows the effect.

As the planes i used don't seem to like collision meshes exported from max, I had a problem with the player falling through the floor. I solved this by figuring out that the builder brush can be used to crate collision for the selected object. This works perfectly and allows me to stand on the floor.

.The bellow shot shows my meshes meshes ready to be built around. Next step is to create all the modular pieces I need for the attached building.

I also managed to finish of my wall texture.

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