Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Games with rooftops and Reference on your door step.

So I've been googling for some pictures of rooftops in NYC. I've also been on Google maps for some areal images for shapes and sizes of real life rooftops. All pretty standard stuff of what you would exspect to find on a rooftop so ive been thinking of some games to go and have a look at and see how developers have interpreted a city rooftop.

Titles include:

Mirrors Edge - Pretty much the whole game.

COD Modern Warfare 2 - Multilayer map High-rise.

Crysis 2 - A chapter stars in a really nice location were you run across rooftops for a bit.

COD Black ops - The Kowloon city Hong Kong level is set across a lot of rooftop at night with rain coming down.

Left for Dead - No mercy campaign is set in a New York style city with rooftops.

I've also been into Leicester with my camera to look at architecture of the buildings. I've also grabbed some loads of images for textures. I've picked a couple of images I'm going to use to create some modular pieces to create the building I want to have connected to the rooftop. Next job is to jump into max and start blocking out some interesting shapes for the playable area and surrounding buildings.

Here are the pictures of the buildings I got from Leicester.

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