Monday, 18 January 2010

Games and there stories

Games stories and plot lines for me are not so different from a plot in a film, especially in action game or thrillers. It’s possible to get that same cinematic feel through a game; the added bonus I feel is that you get more interactivity. I’ll use the recently released game Call of Duty Modern warfare 2. The single player really feels like you’re in a blockbuster action war film and that’s exactly the feel I expect the game developer were intending. Ok so The story is still set and you still have to walk through the same door to activate the same cut scene to see the same scripted sequence but the fact your there playing alongside the characters in the story is what makes for me, single player stories so exiting. I love films just as much as the next guy and I get sucked into the story and feel real emotions for the characters but playing through the story as one of the characters is really rewarding. It amerces you more. Another example I can think of was when I was a little bit younger I remember watching 007 Goldeneye. I loved the film and at that age it had everything I could have wanted in an action film. Big explosions, car chases, good guys and bad guys all the ingredients for a good film. Then I got my hands on the game for the N64. As you may know it’s a legendary among N64 lovers and it was a revolutionary title. But the story played a big part in it success. Being able to play as James Bond and complete the missions from the film and interact with the same characters was just amazing. I’ll admit that not all games need story lines in order to get good but it helps. Even driving games can have story line elements in them. If I remember correctly, Need for Speed Most Wanted had your character go after a guy that won your car in a race of you and you had to win it back. To do so you needed to go through an array of other characters to build up to the main guy. It screams cliché but if felt winning the cars in the game instead of earning money to buy them like in most games was a nice change from the norm.

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