Monday, 18 January 2010

Game Technology

How important is the way we interact with game technology when it comes to playing games? Consoles over the years have always released peripherals to enhance the realism of how we play games. I remember Sega Bass Fishing for the dreamcast. A friend of mine had if and had the fishing rod to play it with. It had a motion sensor in it and it would recognise the motion of casting a line and cast the line in the game. It was a novel idea but the fun factor soon wore off, especially as the game isn’t that good. This brings me to my next point. A lot of peripherals get released with games, but if the games aren’t any good or in most cases there just aren’t that many games that support that particular devise you can’t help but feel you have wasted your money. For me it was the lighgun for my dreamcast, I had House of the dead for it. Now don’t get me wrong it’s a good game and you can still find it in arcades and bowling alleys today but it was the only game you could use the gun with. A more universal option for me would be to get a steering wheel as there are lots of racing games available on all the consoles on the market at the moment. Racing games aren’t really my scene but the odd one really makes it worth buying. I’m playing Dirt 2 at the moment and it beautiful game to look at and look’s very realistic, but do I feel the need to go out and buy a wheel to amerce myself and add to the realism. In my opinion no! But that’s just me; I know that there are people out there that take racing simulation very serious. I had a look at wheels if I’m honest and the thing that really puts me off is the price, there not cheap. Some go as high as £200 but include real leather wheels ,medal pedals and flappy paddle gear changers. Some even have 6 speed gear knobs and a clutch pedal. So what does the future hold for there add-on elements of interactivity? Well I think that Nintendo Wii have done a good job as the wiimote can be most things you would need it to be. A golf club, tennis racket even a gun! I would bet money that future game consoles adopt the same style and we see this sort of technology become the standard just as Nintendo did in the past with other game controllers.

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