Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Thank You Lee Piper

As always I was very exited to attend the talk today that we have from people in the industry. Today was Lee Piper who currently works for Codemasters and was part of the team who worked on the just realised Dirt 2 racing game. Its a real golden opportunity to see into the lives of professional game developers, and to see how they got were they are today. It was nice to see what influences he had when he was a kid especialy the cartoons he showed us as they were my favourites too.. I was very interested in the free lance non game related 3D work he showed us. I can only hope these opportunities become available to me if it proves difficult to get a steady job within a development company. I could also relate to Lee when he said he prefers realism over science fiction. I was even more relieved to hear that the industry prefers artist who show a strong ability to produce realistic looking artwork. I would love to work on a racing game or even a game like Codemasters realistic war sim Operation Flash Point as I love to see how well realism can be produced in a game, and as the technology become better and better, games look more and more real each time. I've been very interested in dirt 2 lately as its one of the first released games to take advantage of direst x11. DX11 was released on window 7 and is now available on vista through an update. ATI only just released DX11 GPU's in October so its a surprise to see it so soon in a game. So well done Codemasters for taking advantage of cutting edge technology and lets hope to see more beautiful looking games just as good as this from you in the future.

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