Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Not to be lazy with this post but there's only relay a couple of points I feel I can make as to enhance the course. First of all I think this would not only benefit the students, but also Heather. When she gives us tutorials and demonstrations it, it should be real easy to record the session with screen capture (I know a realy cool FREE one to use) software, and record your voice with a mic that way we can easterly go back and watch it again at our convenience. This would also save Heather the job of having to create a PDF to upload to the god awful blackboard.

My other point is, us students love to help each other and share tips and tricks, but there should be a place for students to share there findings as face book dose not facilitate this. Although face book does it's job showcasing work, I thought we should set up a wiki for the course posting links to artists and tutorial etc.

Anyway that's my two sense. That aside I've really enjoyed my first year and cant wait so start back in September.

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