Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Creativity revisited

With the course now allowing us to show of our creative abilities more than when we started the course through our most recent projects. I'm hoping that I can find more to say about how my creativity is developing and what influences I've had since the start of this course. As the year is coming to an end I find myself wanting to explore more and more techniques and try more advance projects especially in 3d. I love 3d more than anything else and quite happily spend hours trawling the internet for new tutorials and techniques to try out. Its really satisfying to find so many great resources on the web to help fuel my creativity.

One thing that I think I have made more of an improvement on, is my confidence. In turn I believe this is the key to unlocking your creative mind. Believing that what you have created may not satisfy everyone's tastes but knowing in yourself that its the right path to take. It takes a lot of confidence to convince yourself that your making the right decision.. If we create something that's not quite what we had in our heads and have the creative mind to confidently see the problem areas as to why its wrong, only then can we rectify the mistakes and learn from them.

On the other hand imagineering is something (that like most other students) I seem to be having trouble with. The hardest part is to follow a theme but avoid obvious clenches at the same time. Striving to be original is maybe one of the most important things an artist creative side can be. I hate seeing people especially in advertising, ripping off other people ideas that they may have seen in movies or videos etc. By all means use it as a base to kick-start your own creativity but don't steal the idea outright, were is the fun in that?

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