Sunday, 6 December 2009

Game Technology

There's nothing better than how well your favourite game plays, than seeing how good it looks to be played. As games are released they get ever more realistic to look at and new innovations and creativity in game play keep them fresh and interesting. But what about the thing we take most for granted? The hardware itself.
Since the early days of consoles we have seen controllers evolve and become more comfy to hold and allow games to be controlled with pin point accuracy among all game genres. Is it safe to say the controller has evolved to it full potential. Look at the Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers for example. The shape may be different but the layout is the same. Its only the wii as per usual to try end revolutionise, and evolve how games are played not only by the games themselves but by the way in witch we play them. Making the player use there whole body instead of there fingers stops us all becoming unfit. As ever with anything you can buy these days style and aesthetics are important, but in my opinion non more so than the interaction between the player and the game itself. New technologies now make it possible to control things with brain waves and I see this as the future for the way we play our games. I also believe one day virtual reality will in fact become a reality and these innovations will make the need to use and device to control the game redundant.
I personally prefer to play games on my PC. My favourite style of games are first person. For a pc gamer these aren't played with controllers, there controlled with the keyboard and mouse. This allows for better control and accuracy that can be achieved with the control sticks found on a controller. For your more hardcore gamer. Style and aesthetics take a back seat as getting the edge over your opponent with faster responses and better accuracy is the most important thing. So were do I see the future for PC gaming? To be honest I a m happy playing with what I have got.

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