Tuesday, 13 October 2009

History of computer games take 1

When asked to think about the year when the first game was made, many of you may not go as far back as to say 1952. This was the year A.S. Douglas wrote his PhD degree at the University of Cambridge on Human-Computer interaction and created a humble version of Noughts and Crosses. The game was programmed on a EDSAC vacuum-tube computer, which had a cathode ray tube display. Tennis for Two was created by a guy called William Higinbotham in 1958. The technology consisted of an analogue Donner computer linked to an oscilloscope used as a display. Next in line was a game called spacewar. Three students of MIT, Martin Graetz, Stephen Russell, and Wayne Wiitanen were the creators of the game in 1961. Then 1966 it was Ralph Baer who worked again on his 1951 TV game idea and designed a series of seven prototypes that played several video games. His first game was some sort of chase game, were two squares chased each other... Sounds like fun don't it!

I think that actually my first game I ever played was pong! It was a friend that had what ever console it would have been on (I remember the swizzler knob and the stick with the red button, so it was probably a 2600.) I use to go round his house after school and we would sometimes play computer games. I think they were his brothers? At this point I wasn't really into games. I got the first edition game boy for my birthday and use to play it to death. This was the point I really fell in love with games. The next was one Christmas when a friend next door got a master system. You know the one, it had Alex the kid built in and came with sonic the hedgehog. He then got a mega drive and not long after I got one for myself. I had a few games for it one of my favourites was Toki. The main character was I fire spitting monkey... which was nice. After the mega drive I got an N64 as all the PS1 were sold out but after playing on it and becoming a fan boy I loved it and wouldnt have traded for a PS1 for a million dollors. I got it with extreme g, diddy kong racing and turok. This was the first transion onto 3d games and to say the least I was left astounded.

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